Academy Staff

Nathalie Deutsch - Program Director

Nathalie Deutsch – Program Director

Bio: Nathalie graduated from the Bradley University with a BS in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology and a MA in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University. She has been a practicing BCBA since 2004 and has been working within the field of behavior analysis since 2002.  Nathalie has devoted her career to providing services to children and adults on the autism spectrum. She has worked with children and young adults ages 3-21 both within their homes and within a therapeutic day school for students with a medical and an educational diagnosis of autism, cognitive impairment, and/or emotional behavior disorder.

Nathalie was the Lead Behavior Analyst for Easter Seals Autism Therapeutic Schools overseeing behavior services at the therapeutic schools and adult vocational programs. Prior to working at Chicago Therapeutic Children’s Academy, she was a Lead Behavior Analyst and a Center Manager for Autism Home Support Services, an Invo Healthcare company. She enjoys being outdoors for travel and adventure as well as spending time with her family and pet dog, Marley. Nathalie is well respected by her clients and families for her knowledge and leadership of her collaborative teams. We are happy to have her on our team at CTCA and CPTWC!

Molly Whitaker - Program Director

Molly Whitaker – Program Director

Bio: Molly Whitaker is elated to be the curriculum director for the CTCA 2023-2024 academy year, as well as a BCBA for Chicago Pediatric Therapy & Wellness Center. Before joining the CPTWC team, Molly was an elementary school teacher, working in diverse classrooms throughout the Chicago Public School district. She taught for five years in multiple grades, including first grade and preschool, as well as preschool special education and kindergarten. Molly has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis.

She is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with many incredible disciplines and professionals, mentor the teaching staff, and work towards enriching the lives of children through meaningful learning and play. We are confident that this school year will be our best one yet and part of the reason we believe that is because of how dedicated Molly is to her work and how much she enjoys helping children everyday!

Patrick McLean Administrative Director, Co-Owner

Patrick McLean, Administrative Director, Co-Owner

Rose McLean, PT, DPT, c/NDT – Clinical Director, Co-Owner


Dede Barrios – Classroom Teacher

Aaron Dripps - Classroom Teacher

Aaron Dripps – Classroom Teacher

Alyssa Hilko – Classroom Teacher

Tayyiba Rasool – Classroom Teacher

Miranda Kirk – Classroom Teacher

Ciera Williams – Teacher Assistant

Aisha Qudus – Teacher Assistant